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Pallet adhesive, OPTIGLUE, is a pressure sensitive adhesive to hold the shirt in place on the pallet OPTIGLUE has high solids OPTIGLUEis fast drying (solvent base aresol adhesives are faster drying than water based products- but they are not safe for health and environment). OPTIGLUE offers high and aggressive tack so that you may be able to hold the heavy fabric on the pallet. After enough lints build up on the pallet, you may clean OPTIGLUE adhesive film with warm water to rejuvinate the adhesive. After cleaning with warm water, wait till the adhesive completely dries. TYPE: Water base COLOR: Milky SOLIDS: 52% VISCOSITY: 700 CPS SOLUBILITY IN WATER: Complete HIGHLIGHTS: Aggresive tack- great holding power Lasts longer. Higher solids for a better film deposit and less application APPLICATION: Apply the adhesive on the pallet and let it dry. You can put fan to dry the film faster After long use, clean the lints with warm water OPTIGLUE does not contain any solvent- safe product APPLICATION: APPLY ON THE PALLET BY BRUSH OR A ROLLER OR YOU MAY SPRAY. FOR SPRAYING YOU MAY HAVE TO ADD WATER TO THIN DOWN OPTIGLUE. AFTER SPRAYING OR BRUSHING, LET THE ADHESIVE DRY COMPLETELY- WHEN OPTIGLUE DRIES, THE FILM BECOMES TRANSPARENT. IF YOU GET EXCESS LINTS ON THE PALLET, WIPE THEM OUT WITH WARM WATER AND LET THE ADHESIVE DRY AGAIN FOR FURTHER RUN ONCE YOU HAVE A HEAVY FILM DEPOSIT ON THE PALLET OF OPTIGLUE FILM CLEAN BY USING OPTICLEAN 510. CAUTION: DO NOT FREEZE USE GLOVES FOR SAFETY, XENTACK STICKS TO SKIN PRETTY TIGHT AS IT DOES ON THE PALLET